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Assignment 1

Audio: Assignment 1

Week 1. Module 1

Getting Started

The first item of reflection is committing to change. Write a letter to yourself your husband, wife or supportive family member and to a LifeBuddy* who will be invested to go through this process with you. Do Not Skip this Step.  The letter will have the following written in your own words.


1.     Submit your level of commitment to God, your LifeBuddy, and yourself addressed to all involved.

2.     Write in detail what you are committing to – you want to cancel fear, follow through with your S.M.A.R.T., goals, daily regiment, Mind-Power memory work, Mind-Power activities, everything that you believe will help you become successful.  

3.     Write out your commitment to cancel your personal self-sabotage, to recognize when it arises, to know at what level of the process of change you in and your commitment to continue your progress through the program in spite of the pain.

4.     Commit to the long hall.   No matter how hard it may get, you are committed to make it to the end, or should I say to the end of the old life to meet the beginning of the new. 


5.     After you’ve completed the letter, give it to your buddy and all other support participants including yourself.   

6.     Before going to the next step have a little ceremony/ prayer/ meeting with those involved that will mark the beginning of your journey.   

Two Friends Chatting

What is a Life Buddy

A Lifebuddy* is a descriptive of the name, providing a continued lifeline to reach the S.M.A.R.T. goals. Grave responsibility is given to the Lifebuddy*, for they bear the burden of your success in making it through to a Mind/Power/Transformation.   This person ensures the lifeline stays intact.  The LifeBuddy* is significant to the process because along the way there will be obstacles. Permanent change is never an easy process.   


A Lifebuddy* looks ahead of the obstacles, sees them coming and is there to support you in moving quickly past them. He or she provides accountability, a support system when things get rough.  They are responsible for your success and in turn, you are also a Lifebuddy* providing the same for them.  Take time to choose your Lifebuddy* carefully. 


The next 10 weeks will bring out the unbelievable power of connection found in relationships.  There is great power when two move to complete a project.  You will find we are our brother’s keeper.   We are indeed responsible for the lives of our brother.  In the next 10 weeks, you’ll see that meaningful concept is put to the test!  Prepare for it! 

Characteristics of Your LifeBuddy


1.     A Lifebuddy* has the gift of perspective, and holds a bigger, broader, more significant view of you.  Their view of you is unconditional, with the understanding that with their help you can reach your goals.

2.     A Lifebuddy* –shows up, listens deep to understand, mirroring back your thoughts and insights and helps to cultivate right thinking, not by pushing, but by asking the important questions, allowing you to find the answers you already have buried deep within.

3.     A Lifebuddy* is an overseer that helps you see your path more clearly.  In other words, they are looking out for your good, keeping before you the possibilities in clear view of the path.

4.     A Lifebuddy* cares enough to offer great inspiration, motivation, encouragement, assistance, and accountibility.

5.     A Lifebuddy* reaches with compassion to show love, respect, empathy, mercy and grace, when you suffer misfortunes, and failure.   


Note: This course was developed to provide support through the help of a LifeBuddy* and community. The old adage “no man is an island” applies here.    If you do not have a Lifebuddy* determined and committed to do whatever is required, we won’t discourage it.  The Image of the Invisible God is always available in time of need.  But note, the ultimate best results require people support.   You are allowed to have 1 other person access this course with you, your personal LifeBuddy* only.   Submit their name and information and they will be allowed to enter with a personal code.  It would be good if they planned to perform all the exercises with you.   In your choosing, find someone that either wants this as much as you or has a vested interest in ensuring your success. 

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